I have been trying to create a sample demo to create adobe air extension in android.

My setup info is,

Flash builder 4.7, AIRSDK - 19.0 Flex SDK 4.6 I am using mac OSx Yosamite.

Well, I have created the SWC with the AIRSDK 19.0 and created the ANE from that.

I have also created the Flex mobile project and done the integration as per this tutorial, Developing and using Adobe AIR native extensions for Android devices

I have integrated the ANE also, But the problem is in, 'properties -> Flex Building Packaging -> Google Android -> Native Extension' if i check the 'Package' checkbox than at build time it gives me this error, Invalid namespace 302

if i remove this than error doesnot come but at runtime it is not able to find any native classes of my .jar,

I have set the 'merge into code' option in 'Flex Build Path' tab in properties and set the SWC Folder path.

I have been stuck to this from like days, Please anyone can help. Let me know if you want anymore details about this. Thanks in Advance for every help.

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