I am using tshark on a CentOS server, where wireshark is NOT installed, only tshark, editcap and capinfos are installed. I do NOT have the file $HOME/.wireshark/preferences.

However, I get the proper output for the command tshark -G defaultprefs

So I am trying to override the ignore_wep preference using tshark -r input.pcap -o wlan.ignore_wep: Yes - with IV but getting the output tshark: Invalid -o flag "wlan.ignore_wep:"

Any clue on what exactly is going wrong or where I can find the tshark preferences file ?

Thanks in advance.


Since there are spaces in the option value you are trying to set, you need to wrap it in quotes:

tshark -r input.pcap -o "wlan.ignore_wep: Yes - with IV"

The default preferences are compiled into the wireshark shared library.

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  • I had tried wrapping in quotes, but only for the "Yes - with IV" part. It didn't occur to me that the entire option is handled as a string ! – davneet Dec 9 '15 at 10:41

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