I need Google Places Autocomplete to give me results from countries: SZ, FR, DE, AT, IT. I know that componentRestrictions can operate with only one country. So, is there a way to get results with multiple counties in Google Places Autocomplete?

My page is copy-paste from Place Autocomplete Address Form example:


This feature was introduced in version 3.27 of Maps JavaScript API in January 2017:

You can now restrict Autocomplete predictions to only surface from multiple countries. You can do this by specifying up to 5 countries in the componentRestrictions field of the AutocompleteOptions.


  • I wonder why they build in the arbitrary restriction to five countries. Probably because they think US plus oversea departments is enough. – Michael K. Feb 19 '18 at 10:06

Since version 3.2.7, you can use an array for componentRestrictions. Eg:

{ country: ["fr","ch","be"] }

The number of countries is, however, restricted to 5.


Be careful because if you restrict to "FR", it ignores the French overseas departments. So to have the cities in all of France, you need:

'fr', 'gp', 're', 'mq', 'gf', 'nc', 'yt', 'pf'

But since it's more than 5, it's not possible to limit to the whole of France.

Google Maps considers that the French overseas departments are not in France; this is a big problem.

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