For one who miss question tags - it is all about EntityFramework 7 (beta8)

Main question is in subject.

Btw, all I need is shortcut method that allows me to set entity properties using another entity of same type (just like in example code below):


It seems like my problem is connected with return value type of DbContext.Entry<T> method: in EF6 it was DbEntityEntry<T>, but in EF7 it is EntityEntry<T> (more abstract object?).

So, is it some breaking change or I just miss some dependency?


From aspnet/EntityFramework#1999;

we do not have anything like this planned for EF7 RTM but it sounds like something we would consider adding in the future.

  • Ok, thanks :-) So, no suggestions on how to deal with that problem right now (except obvious and, actually, quite simple my-own-reflection-based solution)? – rtf_leg Dec 9 '15 at 22:39

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