Currently the spring boot app using spring data is configured to use a non-encrypted connection to an Amazon RDS instance. I want to prevent eavesdropping of the data in transport so I want to enable SSL between the app and the database instance.

My connection is setup using the stock properties available in spring boot.

in my application.properties I use the following to setup the database connection.


Despite using the URI variables that enable SSL on the URL the configuration to specify the PEM file provided by amazon to encrypt the connections is unknown.

Ideally I would prefer an embedded solution for access to the certificate


After further research, embedding the security certificate is an anti-pattern and instead the certificate is installed into a path and then referenced inside of the JVM.

  • So how did you added/refereed pem file provided by AWS in connection string ? Did you added any system property? – Ranveer Singh Rajpurohit Sep 20 '18 at 6:03

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