I am setting up my development machine and I am wondering if I should install SQL Server 2008 R2 (for Developers) or SQL Server 2008 (for Developers) on my machine.

All of the databases that I work with are on SQL Server 2008 (not the R2). So I am torn. Should install what I am currently using? or should I be a bit forward looking and use the R2 version?

Will the client tools from the R2 install connect ok to the non R2 servers?

I guess in general what I want to know is what are the differences between R2 and non-R2 from a developer's point of view? (I don't really care about back end stuff too much.)


As far as I'm concerned, in R2 more features previously available only in Enterprise edition are now available in Standard edition. Otherwise, no big difference.


For a non-Business Intelligence developer (just plain old OLTP stuff), there's really hardly any difference and any additional features in R2, unfortunately :-(

The only thing that might become interesting at some point is the Master Data Service stuff - can't totally wrap my head around it just yet, so for now : R2 is not a big release for database devs in my opinion. Works great and all - but all the new shinyness is in the BI space.


Well.. in my case I have instaled on my computer SQL server 2008 but I wasn´t able to run SQL server management Studio so I decided to move on SQL server 2008 r2 and it works for me, I was able to start successfully SQL server configuration Studio and to connect to Vs2107 that was my primary goal.

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