We're developing mobile app on both iOS and Android. In order to Facebook liking and sharing functional our apps will be asking for publish_actions permission from Facebook's Graph API. I'm in stuck - I haven't received such permission for regular user (neither developer, nor tester in Facebook's roles terms).

For example (in Swift) after user has logged following code was executed:

 for p in result.grantedPermissions {
   print(p as! NSString)

And I saw:

Actually question is: Is it normally if I didn't get granted publish_actions WITHOUT review request for regular user if I already set this permission in code?

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    “if I already set this permission in code?” – all you do in your code is specify what permissions you want to ask the user for on login. But normal users (that don’t have a role in the app) will not be asked for those permissions if they are not reviewed yet.
    – CBroe
    Dec 10 '15 at 12:13

Your app may use this (public_profile, user_friends and email) permission without review from Facebook you can access the user details, if you are used the non-optional permissions for example publish_actions for sharing purpose you need to submit your app for review on Facebook before submit your app on apple.

for extended permissions for optional and non-optional see this link

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