This is a follow up of doxygen generated documentation with auto-generated links to qt project , also covered in the Blog here

Added tagfiles:

TAGFILES = qtcore.tags= qtgui.tags= \
           qtwidgets.tags= qtxml.tags= \


Crosscheck, as an example this here works:

Nevertheless I do not see any links for Qt classes (I would d expect QString to be a link)

No link for QString/Qobject

What am I doing wrong? Btw, would something like \copydoc QString::toInt work then?

Have you checked the location of your .tags files?

A .tags file is like an index mapping symbols to documentation relative links. This is why you specify both the path to the tagfile and the actual documentation URL where symbols are documented (which, by the way, can also be a local path to Qt's docs).

In other words you should specify:

TAGFILES = path/to/a/tags/file=URL

You can find these .tags files inside Qt directory (usually in QT_DIR/doc/html).

It may be a good idea to copy them inside your project directory in order to avoid using an absolute path. So if you have the following project structure:


Then your Doxyfile should contain:

TAGFILES = doc/qt/qt.tags=

All the references to Qt symbols inside your docs will be then linked in the html output generated by Doxygen.

Also, the GENERATE_TAGFILE tag is only useful if you want to link to your docs from another project.

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