I am using gradle from a slightly unorthodox terminal, so Gradle's traditional "pretty" output does not work.

Is there a way I can specify in ~/.gradle/gradle.properties that --console=plain should be used for every gradle command?


Since Gradle 4.3 you can add a line to a file called gradle.properties in your project's root directory:


If you really need to make this system-wide (not just project-wide), you could make an alias for your gradle command, i.e on Linux:

alias gradle='gradle --console=plain'
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  • This property also works in ~/.gradle/gradle.properties as asked by the OP (tested with of 5.3.1). – Harald Jun 3 at 9:28

you can try to add this to your ~/.gradle/init.gradle file

gradle.startParameter.colorOutput = false

this seems to do the trick on my osx terminal.

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Use org.gradle.console=plain

(Padding because this post-body has to be at least 30 characters long despite the complete and accurate answer taking only 28.)

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