I am trying to return the month number passing the month name using MomentJS. For example if I pass "July" to moment() I would expect 7 to be returned.

After reading through the docs I tried several different ways, and this way came close...


In the console, buried in the response I could see this...

_monthsParse: Array[7]

Could anyone please tell me how to return the month number using MomentJS correctly?

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Try :


Relevant documentation: http://momentjs.com/docs/#/get-set/month/

<script src="https://momentjs.com/downloads/moment.min.js"></script>


Anybody looking to get month name from month number then you can try :

const number = 1; // 0 = Jan & 11 = Dec
moment().month(number).format("MMM"); // Feb

Use following to get full month name :

const number = 1; // 0 = January & 11 = December
moment().month(number).format("MMMM"); // February
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    Plus one.. It's funny that this is what I'm looking for and I just checked this question to get an idea. Jun 11, 2018 at 9:52

To use simple month number try this:

const month = 2 //Feb
moment(month, 'M').format('MMMM');
##get month name in moment js with node js 
moment() give today date
format("DD-MMMM-YYYY") / output 18-May-2020
format("DD-MM-YYYY")  / output 18-05-2020
- sperator you can use / 

var moment = require('moment'); 

   m_date = moment().format("DD-MMMM-YYYY");
   console.log("moment date :", m_date)
moment date : 18-May-2020


Read Officail Docdescription here

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