Can someone tell me how to start new application knowing only its package name? I do not have information about what activity is the main one.


Try using PackageManager and getLaunchIntentForPackage()

  • Sir Why cant i launch the Launcher by getting its package name its giving java.lang.NullPointer Exception? – TechArcSri Dec 16 '13 at 7:38
  • Does launch a complete new Instance? I want to launch the existing one. How do I do that? – JohnyTex Apr 14 '14 at 8:44
  • I would add the flags (Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK | Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_RESET_TASK_IF_NEEDED) to ensure the app state is the same if it was already opened. – JacksOnF1re Feb 24 '16 at 13:58
  • I got a problem when i tried to pass extras to the target app. Only if the target app's process doesn't exist then it can get the extras or else it will get nothing. – Allen Vork Aug 24 '17 at 9:44

Just use these following two lines, so you can launch any installed application whose package name is known:

Intent launchIntent = getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage("com.example.abc");
startActivity( launchIntent );

If you don't know the package name of application that you wanted to launch then try your hand on

PackageManager pm;
pm = getPackageManager();
//  get a list of installed apps.
packages = pm.getInstalledApplications(0);

For more info refer this link Using Package Manager

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    Does this launch a complete new Instance? I want to launch the existing one. How do I do that? – JohnyTex Apr 14 '14 at 8:45
  • @hohny tex do you find a solution for your problem – Menna-Allah Sami May 6 '15 at 9:35
  • @JohnyTex I know it's kind of late but you could try LaunchIntent.setFlags("Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK"); and LaunchIntent.setFlags("Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP"); – KISHORE_ZE Aug 31 '15 at 9:00

You can get the launch intent through the PackageManager class:

PackageManager pm = context.getPackageManager();
Intent launchIntent = pm.getLaunchIntentForPackage("com.example.package");

Note that getLaunchIntentForPackage returns null if the package isn't found. So you might want to add a null check:

if (launchIntent != null) {
} else {
    Toast.makeText(context, "Package not found", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
  • This answer is only very slightly different from the older answers, except that it's 3 years newer. I don't see how the upvotes are justified. – hBrent Jul 27 '17 at 20:43
  • But at least he posted that the method returns null if no package, I was about to try catching activity not found exception.@hBrent – Xenolion Nov 12 '20 at 15:09
Intent intent;                                        
PackageManager pm = getActivity().getPackageManager();

intent = pm.getLaunchIntentForPackage("com.package.name");                       


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