Why is this happening?

Screenshot of Google Structured Data Testing Tool’s output

HTML shows:

<meta content='http://www.costumingdiary.com/2015/05/freddie-mercury-robe-francaise.html' itemprop='mainEntityOfPage' itemscope='itemscope'/>

Structured Data Testing Tool output shows:


Update: It looks like it has to do with my breadcrumb list. But still, why is it happening, and is it wrong?


If the URL you want to provide is unique you can use the itemid property. I was confronted with mainEntityOfPage by the tool after the latest update. And using Google's example I used the following code

<meta itemscope itemprop="mainEntityOfPage" itemType="https://schema.org/WebPage" itemid="https://blog.hompus.nl/2015/12/04/json-on-a-diet-how-to-shrink-your-dtos-part-2-skip-empty-collections/" />

And this show up correctly in the Structured Data Testing Tool results for my blog


I don’t know where the fragment #__sid=md3 is coming from, but as the SDTT had some quirks with BreadcrumbList in the past, it might also be a side effect of this.

But note that if you want to provide a URL as value for the mainEntityOfPage property, you must use a link element instead of a meta element:

<link itemprop="mainEntityOfPage" href="http://www.costumingdiary.com/2015/05/freddie-mercury-robe-francaise.html" />

(See examples for Microdata markup that creates an item value, instead of a URL value, for mainEntityOfPage.)

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