Like LINQ in C#, for comprehension in Scala, anything similar in Kotlin? If not supported, is it planned?

EDIT: The answer is that comprehension support is on the table.

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    I think, there has been some miscommunication here. There's no such policy as not to use monads anywhere. Some monad-like constructs, such as safe calls for nullable types, are built into the language. We do not support comprehensions at the moment, but this feature is on the table. – Andrey Breslav Dec 17 '15 at 8:34
  • As @AndreyBreslav noted, Kotlin does use monadic constructions where it makes sense. What I said in my answer is that there is no goal to use monads in every single language concept – voddan Dec 17 '15 at 9:51

In the preview version of Kotlin 1.1 there's universal async/await syntax which can be used for different kinds of monadic comprehensions:

Many languages (starting with C# in 2012) support asynchronous programming through dedicated language constructs such as async/await keywords. In Kotlin, we generalized this concept so that libraries can define their own versions of such constructs, and async is not a keyword, but simply a function.

This design allows for integration of different asynchronous APIs: futures/promises, callback-passing, etc. It is also general enough to express lazy generators (yield) and cover some other use cases.


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