I brought an esp8266-12, it works at 115200 baud rate. I sometime connect it to arduino uno to work for some projects. It would be easy if I connect esp8266 with arduino at 9600 baud rate. The AT version is 0.25. I googled and saw the AT command set documentation it had a command to set baud rate. It was like

AT+ UART_DEF=<baudrate>,<databits>,<stopbits>,<parity>,<flow control>

But the problem is I don't know what these parameters are and how to set the parameters so that is works at 9600 baud rate with arduino.


After a long time of searching, I found the parameters to work with Arduino at 9600 baud rate.

  • I thought my esp8266 didn't support this command because querying the current values via AT+UART_DEF? returned ERROR. But setting the new baud rate still worked. – Chronial Jun 12 at 22:26

To change the baud rate of esp8266, use this command.


Easy and simple. Command can be sent through serial communication from Arduino UNO.

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