Is it possible in Handlebars to check if a string is equal to another value without registering a helper? I can't seem to find anything relevant to this in the Handlebars reference.

For example:

{{#if sampleString == "This is a string"}}
...do something

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It seems you can't do it "directly"

Try use helper, why not?

Register helper in your javascript code:

Handlebars.registerHelper('ifEquals', function(arg1, arg2, options) {
    return (arg1 == arg2) ? options.fn(this) : options.inverse(this);

Use in template:

{{#ifEquals sampleString "This is a string"}}
    Your HTML here

More details here: Logical operator in a handlebars.js {{#if}} conditional

UPD: Another way:

lets assume, your data is:

var data = {
    sampleString: 'This is a string'

Then (using jQuery):

$.extend(data, {isSampleString: function() {
    return this.sampleString ==  'This is a string';}

An use template:

{{#if isSampleString}}
    Your HTML here
  • i am also trying to achieve the same but in my case, it's throwing an error Missing helper: "ifEquals – Wasif May 21 at 5:22

I would just use helpers like this:

Handlebars.registerHelper('ifeq', function (a, b, options) {
    if (a == b) { return options.fn(this); }
    return options.inverse(this);

Handlebars.registerHelper('ifnoteq', function (a, b, options) {
    if (a != b) { return options.fn(this); }
    return options.inverse(this);

Then in your code:

{{#ifeq variable "string"}} 
    ... do this ... 
{{#ifnoteq variable "string"}} 
    ... do this ... 

The previous answer with match does not work for me, I get an error on the if statement (something like 'must have only one argument').

However, I just found the solution here without having to write any more helper:

{{#if (eq person "John")}} hello {{/if}}
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    But I believe that for "eq" to work you need to have the Ember Truth Helper addon, as stated here. In my case, I don't have that addon. – zed Jan 16 '18 at 14:32

Just came to this post from a google search on how to check if a string equals another string.

I use HandlebarsJS in NodeJS server-side, but I also use the same template files on the front-end using the browser version of HandlebarsJS to parse it. This meant that if I wanted a custom helper, I'd have to define it in 2 separate places, or assign a function to the object in question - too much effort!!

What people forget is that certain objects have inherit functions that can be used in the moustache template. In the case of a string:


An Array containing the entire match result and any parentheses-captured matched results; null if there were no matches.

We can use this method to return either an array of matches, or null if no matches were found. This is perfect, because looking at the HandlebarsJS documentation http://handlebarsjs.com/builtin_helpers.html

You can use the if helper to conditionally render a block. If its argument returns false, undefined, null, "", 0, or [], Handlebars will not render the block.


{{#if your_string.match "what_youre_looking_for"}} 
String found :)
No match found :(


After testing on all browsers, this doesn't work on Firefox. HandlebarsJS passes other arguments to a function call, meaning that when String.prototype.match is called, the second argument (i.e. the Regexp flags for the match function call as per above documentation) appears to be being passed. Firefox sees this as a deprecated use of String.prototype.match, and so breaks.

A workaround is to declare a new functional prototype for the String JS object, and use that instead:

if(typeof String.includes !== 'function') {
    String.prototype.includes = function(str) {
        if(!(str instanceof RegExp))
            str = new RegExp((str+'').escapeRegExp(),'g');
        return str.test(this);

Ensure this JS code is included before you run your Handlebars.compile() function, then in your template...

    {{#if (includes "what_youre_looking_for")}} 
        String found :)
        No match found :(
  • Great, thanks for that! – colmulhall Apr 12 '17 at 13:56

You cannot directly compare the strings in handlebars and you have to use a helper. I tried the above solutions with my Koa app and couldn't register the helper. The below code worked for me and i think this should work for express apps as well. I hope this helps someone.

Code in server.js

var handlebars = require('koa-handlebars');

const isEqualHelperHandlerbar = function(a, b, opts) {
            if (a == b) {
                return opts.fn(this) 
            } else { 
                return opts.inverse(this) 
    viewsDir: './app/views',
    layoutsDir: './app/views/layouts',
    defaultLayout: 'main',
    helpers : {
        if_equal : isEqualHelperHandlerbar

Code in HBS file where fruit is the variable to be compared:

 <select id={{fruit}}>
   <option >Choose...</option>
   <option value="apple" {{#if_equal fruit "apple"}} selected {{/if_equal}}>Apple</option>
   <option value="mango" {{#if_equal fruit "mango"}} selected {{/if_equal}} >Mango</option>


Node.js add this in server.js

const isEqual = function(a, b, opts) {
  if (a == b) {
    return opts.fn(this) 
  } else { 
    return opts.inverse(this) 

var hbs = require('hbs');
hbs.registerHelper('if_eq', isEqual);

Use handlebars-helpers, which provides eq helper


A common case for a simple, re-usable helper function is to cause a return of string1 if values are equal and string2 if they are not.


Helper (let's call it "ifEqual" and send 4 parameters):

helpers: {

    ifEqual: function (obj, value, trueString, falseString) {
            return ( (obj===value) ? trueString : falseString );

Template Use:

For this example, assume the template receives a "transaction" object with a "transactionType" property: { transactionType: "expense", description: "Copies" }

Let's say our template has a <select> for the Transaction Type, with various <option>s as shown. We want to use Handlebars to pre-select the option which coincides with the value of transactionType.

Our new {{ ifEqual }} helper is used to insert "selected" for the <option> with the matching value of "expense."

<select required id="selTransactionType" name="selTransactionType" class="form-control" onchange='transactionTypeChanged()'>
   <option value='hourly' {{ ifEqual transaction.transactionType "hourly" "selected" "" }} >Hourly fee</option>
   <option value='flat' {{ ifEqual transaction.transactionType "flat" "selected" "" }} >Flat fee</option>
   <option value='expense' {{ ifEqual transaction.transactionType "expense" "selected" "" }} >Expense</option>
   <option value='payment' {{ ifEqual transaction.transactionType "payment" "selected" "" }} >Payment</option>
   <option value='credit' {{ ifEqual transaction.transactionType "credit" "selected" "" }} >Credit</option>
   <option value='debit' {{ ifEqual transaction.transactionType "debit" "selected" "" }} >Debit</option>

In Handlebars, the parenthesis are used to invoke the first item listed as a function, using (optional) subsequent items as parameters. So, the syntax from Ember CAN be used without Ember, provided you can set the context yourself. For example:

    context.eq = function(param1, param2) {
        return param1 === param2;

    context.notEq = function(param1, param2) {
        return param1 !== param2;

Once you do that, you can use the standard {{#if}} and {{#unless}} block operations:

{{#if (eq someVar "someValue") }}

Be careful of switching contexts with {{with}} or when using inline partials. You can lose track of your defined "eq" function. The guaranteed way to work, regardless of new contexts:

{{#if (@root.eq someVar "someValue") }}


{{#is item.status "complete"}} ... {{/is}}


The Mandrill mail service supports Handlebars and here it is possible to use "backticks" to evaluate an logical expression in a #if block:

{{#if `operating_system == "OS X"`}}
  <p>Click here for instructions to install on a Mac</p>
{{elseif `operating_system == "Windows"`}}
  <p>Click here for instructions to install on a PC</p>

I don't know if this possible in general, but you should try it out. It works fine for me.

  • This doesn't seem to work in general. Handlebars barfs on the backtick. Oh, well. – trysis Nov 28 '17 at 21:43
  • That is good to know. Personally, I have only tried it on Mandrill, where it works fine. – pberggreen Dec 1 '17 at 10:33

Handlebars has a conditional operator called 'equal' that takes two parameters:

1.The variable

2.what your checking if the variable contains.

For examples, to check if 'status' contains 'Full Time':

{{#equal status "Full Time"}}  //status is the variable and Full Time is the value your checking for.
    code to be executed
    code to be executed
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    Using latest handlebars I get ""Missing helper: "equal"", name: "Error", …}" – madprops Mar 15 '18 at 5:59
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    Same issue as madprops... this would be an incredible solution if it worked – DirtyBirdNJ Apr 4 '18 at 4:39
  • What code did you use? This worked for me. Can you all elaborate on your issue? – Mekanic Apr 10 '18 at 16:56
  • try {{#equals status "Full Time"}} – Dally S May 10 '18 at 10:10
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    It's a lie! Either it has been removed from Handlebars at some point in a later release or the person who answered already had a custom helper installed on their project called "equal" and they didn't realise it. – Daniel Tonon Sep 20 '18 at 1:44

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