How can i copy a record and save it with a different value for 1 or more field?

for example: get----> first_name, last_name, civil_status, work

i want to copy the first name, and last name then insert it with a new civil status and work.

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    The replicate() Eloquent method is what you’re looking for. – Martin Bean Dec 14 '15 at 0:22

You could use the replicate method of model like this:

// Retrieve the first task
$task = Task::first();

$newTask = $task->replicate();
$newTask->project_id = 16; // the new project_id

You could use replicate method. This will create a new object with the same values except the primary key, and the timestamps. After that you can save your model:

$task = Task::find(1);
$new = $task->replicate();

If you want you could change a property

$new->project = $otherProject;

and then


if you want the new ID, easy:

$newID = $new->id;
  • No need to set id to null, or the created_at timestamp as that timestamp will be set on save. – Martin Bean Dec 14 '15 at 0:24
  • It was an example on created_at attribute but now you speak the creation date probably get the same value of origin task, isn't? I don't remember when I needed to use. The same for the primary key. – Miguel Oliveira Dec 14 '15 at 0:28

You can use replicate() and then update that row:


$model = Model::find(1);
$model->project_id = $new_project_id;
  • What about when you have several results...for example a user with several contacts info...or a post with several images in database relationship, and I need to replicate them? – Marcelo Agimóvel Jan 23 at 0:36

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