I am using CouchDB/PouchDB as an off-line tile server for a Cordova mapping app. Initial replication of the CouchDB 215mb db on phone takes over two hours on local network. CouchDB to CouchDB replication takes 6 minutes on local network. Db includes 65000 documents with png attachments of 1-2KB.

function managePouchDB(networkState) {
        // replicate tiles from local workstation
        var remoteCouchdb_osm_bc = "";
        var tiledb_rep_opts = {
            // http://pouchdb.com/api.html#replication
            live: true,
            retry: true,
            // batch size: tried 10 - 100; 10 works best for osm tiles replication w/ nginx
            batch_size: 10, // default = 100
            attachments: true

        // replicate osm bc tiles on check
        var pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_baselayer_replicate = pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_baselayer.replicate.from(remoteCouchdb_osm_bc, tiledb_rep_opts);
        var pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_storedState = localStorage.getItem("pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_storedState");
        if (pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_storedState === "true") {
            pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_baselayer.replicate.from(remoteCouchdb_osm_bc, tiledb_rep_opts);

I have reduced batch size, which yields a reduction in replication time, but still only see ~ 2mb/min replication.

Online CouchDB tiles called directly display well. Using CouchDB V1.6.1, PouchDB V4.0.3

Where would the probable bottlenecks be? Solutions or ideas?


The replication protocoll es extremely chatty. That cost's a lot of time in initial replication.

Check out this tool: https://github.com/nolanlawson/pouchdb-load

  • Thanks. Looks to be what I needed. Worked the simplest case into code to test. Getting errors: GET 192.168.x.x:2092/data/… net::ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH And this one: PouchDB: the remote database may not have CORS enabled.If not please enable CORS: pouchdb.com/errors.html#no_access_control_allow_origin_header CORS has allows been enabled. – user2898616 Dec 15 '15 at 1:07
  • I think I had the same problem the first time: Try adding "x-csrf-token" to "cors" > "headers" – Alex Dec 15 '15 at 10:22

As Alex said, you can use pouchdb-load for faster replications.

However, the slowness will be fixed automatically in CouchDB 1.7 and CouchDB 2.0 when those get released, so you can just wait for that. I believe Cloudant has already shipped the fix as well. See this JIRA for details on the speedup.


My added code:

var remoteCouchdb_osm_bc_dump ="http://192.x.x.x:8092/data/osm_tiles_dump.txt";

if ((pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_storedState === "true") && (networkState === "WiFi_connection" || "wifi")) {
   pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_baselayer.load(remoteCouchdb_osm_bc_dump , {
        proxy: remoteCouchDB_osm_bc
   }).then(function () {
        // done loading! handoff to regular replication
        console.log("Done loading osm dump to PouchDB");
        return pouchTilesDB_osm_bc_baselayer.replicate.from(remoteCouchdb_osm_bc, tiledb_rep_opts);        
   }).catch(function (err) {
         // HTTP error or something like that
         console.log("error on osm_bc dump to PouchDB");

Doesn't throw the above errors when run from phone, but causes app to crash & restart. Doesn't happen without the db.load. Dump file downloads in less than 1 minute to phone, all docs seem to be in db per


Then throws error and crashes.

CORS errors were thrown when debugging in Chromium and got sorted via Access-Control-Allow-Origin: for Nginx (http://enable-cors.org/server_nginx.html). Had short=circuit, CORS error was from accessing dump.txt file, not CouchDB. Doesn't show for Cordova app in phone.

While a replication is "chatty" that does not fully explain why CouchDB to PouchDB is so much slower than CouchDB to CouchDB replication. Will test CouchDB 2.0.

I can wget dump file from laptop. Took 41s.

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