I'm trying to install the universal Mac installer on OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan. I downloaded from http://www.mono-project.com/download/ and the .pkg file appears fine. When I start it, I get Verifying dialog box (attached screenshot) and it just sits there, no progress along progress bar. Any suggestions appreciated.Verifying "MonoFramework-MDK-"...

  • Did you ever get this resolved" Aug 22, 2016 at 12:18
  • I am having the same problem. Haven't had any luck troubleshooting it. Sep 4, 2016 at 18:48

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Finally found an answer.

  1. run /System/Library/CoreServices/Installer.app
  2. navigate to the installer that is stuck, and install it
  3. Profit!

examples and screenshots found at http://osxdaily.com/2016/07/26/fix-stuck-pkg-verifying-installer-mac-os-x/

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