Pardon me for my noob question but I notice that the bind attribute does not appears as default in controller template anymore for MVC 6.

I know I that the attribute is still present but do we still need to use them? I heard they can be use to prevent over-posting attack. Do they remove it because MVC 6 can figure out the way to prevent this without using them? Or is there a more secure way to prevent that?


The best way to prevent overposting is to get the entity, update only the properties needed to update and save it.

Assuming you have a view model like

public class CustomerViewModel
   public int Id {set;get;}
   public String UserName {set;get;}
   public String FirstName {set;get;}
   public String LastName {set;get;}


And assume there is a view called Update which shows UserName in readonly/display only form and FirstName and LastName in editable fields. So even if user posts an updated UserName via some means, we should not be updating that field value.

public ActionResult Update(CustomerViewModel model)
  var customer = yourDbContext.Customers.FirstOrDefault(s=>s.Id==model.Id);
    // Updating only fields which are supposed to be updated from the view.

    customer.FirstName = model.FirstName;
    customer.LastName = model.LastName;

    yourDbContext.Entry(customer).State = EntityState.Modified;

    return RedirectToAction("UpdatedSuccessfully");
  return View("NotFound");

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