I have installed Docker 1.9 and want to know if I am using the instruction in the right way.

FROM internal.docker.registry/image1
MAINTAINER internal@abc.com
COPY sample.war webapps/sample.war

My understanding is that when I do

docker stop container_id

, it will stop the tomcat that is running within container. It will also delete the Pid file.

Please verify if I have the correct understanding.


A SIGKILL is a signal which stops the process immediately, without letting the process exit cleanly, so SIGKILL will not allow Tomcat to shutdown gracefully and remove it's PID file.

SIGTERM and SIGINT both tell Tomcat to run the shutdown hook (deleting the PID file) and shutting down gracefully.

SIGTERM is equivalent to running kill <pid> and is also the default for docker.

SIGINT is equivalent to pressing ctrl-C.

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