In SSRS I have a table with column person, column country, and column salary. I want the column salary in a specific currency format based on column country. For example, if column country is United States, corresponding salary should be displayed in $. Similarly, if the country column shows India, then the salary column should show a rupee, etc. I am a starter and unable to do this. Please tell me a simple way of doing this


You could return a second dataset with a list of Countries and their Currency symbols such as

Country    Currency
USA        USD
India      RUP
UK         GBP

Then you can use LOOKUP to 'look up' the value in the second datasset from the first, so a dataset of

Country    Sales
India      404
UK         44
USA        1255

You can then used the lookup as follows

        "DataSetCurrency") <--- Blue <Expr> in the example below

Remember, you can include more than one Placeholder (expression) in a cell, so a design like this

enter image description here

Would render as this (DataSetCurrency included for information only)

enter image description here

Hopefully this will answer your question, though please ask for clarification if required.

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