In my Jenkins i have installed a new plugin to see next executions details

Plugin: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Next+Executions

I can see that in Jenkins dashboard successfully but how can i access its details through REST API, like the way we do for all other stuff in Jenkins.

I am using Java to access Jenkins via REST API.



UPDATED in 2016.9.20 the REST API is supported from release 1.0.12


see detail for the ticket JENKINS-36210

Below is left for reference

Though the REST API doesn't exist, I share the html parse python code sample for reference

It use the internal lxml code to parse and generate the list of the data, key code segment here

html = urllib2.urlopen(url, context=CTX).read()

# use beautifulSoup4 instead of lxml is better, but it is not default
html2 = lxml.html.fromstring(html)
div = html2.get_element_by_id("next-exec") # key id !!
result = lxml.html.tostring(div)
tree = lxml.html.fromstring(result)  # ugly, but it works
trs = tree.xpath('/html/body/div/div/table/tr')

for tr in trs:
    tds     = tr.xpath("td")
    url     = tds[0].xpath("a/@href")[0]
    jobname   = tds[0].text_content()
    datetime = tds[1].text_content()
    status.append((datetime,  jobname, url))
return status

see detail in https://gist.github.com/larrycai/6828c959f57105ca93239ca6aa4fc6fa

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