I am new to using applescript. I would like to write a script to add text to an existing file. Specifically, I would like to prepend/append a given document, e.g., prepend "Hello" [existing text in document] append "Goodbye." I found this example:

tell application "TextEdit"
set theDesktopPath to the path to the desktop folder as text
set file_URLs_content to "HEEEELLOOOOOO"
make new document with properties {text:file_URLs_content}
save document 1 in file (theDesktopPath & "file.txt")
close document 1
end tell

But, this is not quite right because I do not need a new document, and I want to specify the location of the text (at the beginning of the file, or at the end).

I am open to other solutions, as well. Ultimately, I want to use the dictation command feature to run the script, perhaps via automator. Many thanks for your time!


TextEdit is not needed to write plain text to disk.

writeToDisk from theText into thePath given append:append writes plain text to disk


theFile: a HFS path
theText the text to be written
with append: append the text - without append: overwrite from the beginning of the text

set theFile to (path to desktop as text) & "file.txt"

set file_URLs_content to "HEEEELLOOOOOO"
writeToDisk from file_URLs_content into theFile with append

on writeToDisk from theText into thePath given append:append
        set fileDescriptor to open for access file thePath with write permission
        if not append then set eof of fileDescriptor to 0
        write theText to fileDescriptor
        close access fileDescriptor
    on error
            close access file thePath
        end try
    end try
end writeToDisk

If you prefer to write UTF-8 encoded text change the write line into

write theText to fileDescriptor as «class utf8»
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  • Thank you!! This is very helpful. – inkmally Dec 15 '15 at 17:52

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