Well, that question already been asked, however my environment is slightly different. I've robot that moves mouse inside x11vnc session. I'd like that cursor motion to be properly displayed with vncviewer (tigervnc-1.4.2-r2). Seems nothing works.

What I've tried:

x11vnc -nocursor && vncviewer LocalCursor=0 DotWhenNoCursor=1

x11vnc -cursor arrow && vncviewer LocalCursor=0 DotWhenNoCursor=0

x11vnc -cursor X && vncviewer LocalCursor=0 DotWhenNoCursor=0

x11vnc -cursor some && vncviewer LocalCursor=0 DotWhenNoCursor=0

x11vnc -cursor most && vncviewer LocalCursor=0 DotWhenNoCursor=0

Also plaid some with LocalCursor=1 (although think since I need to see remote cursor that's wrong idea).

Is that possible (not sure I properly understand vnc approach for cursor display).


Found solution. Just enabled -multiptr option for x11vnc. Got that option working out of the box on x11vnc-0.9.14-r2 Gentoo Linux version of x11vnc. However, it could be necessary to install additional x11vnc-multiptr module.


on ubuntu:

git clone git@github.com:LibVNC/x11vnc.git
cd x11vnc
sudo apt-get install libvncserver-dev
sudo make install

xset r rate 200 30    
x11vnc -repeat -multiptr
  • But, it's anoying, sometimes, the "-multiptr" parameter cause the error ""ERROR creating XInput2 MD"" – diyism Jul 3 '20 at 18:11

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