I'm trying to input a formula in a cell after inserting a row. And VBA does not want that and returns an error.

I first copied the formula from the excel sheet, (with ";" as delimitors), and as I have seen on other threads, I replace those with ",".

I don't understand why I get the error.

Sub Borderx()
Dim nboc As Integer
Dim ipaste As Integer

nboc = Worksheets("BDD").Range("IQ2").Value

For ipaste = 1 To nboc - 1
    Worksheets("Bordereaux").Range("T14").Formula = "=IF(AND(J14="",E14=""),SUM(F14*F14*H14)/1000,IF(O14="",SUM((H14*F14*G14)+(M14*K14*L14))/1000,SUM((H14*F14*G14)+(M14*K14*L14)+(R14*P14*Q14))/1000))"

    Next ipaste          
End Sub

In this case, nboc = 2, and this is supposed to insert one row. Before I added the "if" statement, it worked fine when it was just sum()

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    in your formula, everytime you use "" you need to use double quotes, so use """" instead. – MG92 Dec 15 '15 at 8:23
  • thank you, it works. – Amandine FAURILLOU Dec 15 '15 at 8:29

Change it like this:

Worksheets("Bordereaux").Range("T14").Formula = " =IF(AND(J14="""",E14=""""),SUM(F14*F14*H14)/1000,IF(O14="""",SUM((H14*F14*G14)+(M14*K14*L14))/1000,SUM((H14*F14*G14)+(M14*K14*L14)+(R14*P14*Q14))/1000))"

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