I am currently using microsoft excel 2010. Trying to insert some PDF files into the spreadsheet.

I cliked Insert Tab -> Object -> select Adobe Document (Checked the Display as icon checkbox) from the list -> Go on to the "Create from file" tab -> Select the pdf file from my computer (Checked display as icon) -> press the OK button Then the following error appear in a dialogbox: "Cannot insert object".

Other Objects (such as other excels and words) and Pictures can be inserted without problem.

Tried the following, and did NOT help at all:

  • Reopen excel spreadsheet
  • Delete the file MSForms.exd from any Tempsubfolder in the user's profile
  • Delete all the MS Office updates
  • Delete all the files end with .exd

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Finially I figured out a way to solve this PDF attachment problem on excel: Select a Package instead!

Go to Insert Tab -> Object -> double click Package in the list of options -> then the "Create Package" dialog will appear where it will guide you through the attachment process!

It even allows you to rename the file name of the attachment.

Hope it helps.


Usually it is because you still open the pdf file. Make sure the pdf file you were trying to insert is closed.


Go to Task Manager, close the the current process running for inserting object.

For instance- if you want to insert .doc file. In task manager, under processes close app "Microsoft word". It would work & let you insert the .doc file.

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