I have a blog at http://westernwakefarmersmarket.blogspot.com/ and I'd like to migrate the content to a new MVC web application I'm developing. I'm trying to retrieve all of the existing posts to migrate them into a database. I'm having trouble getting all of the posts, however.

When I connect to the blog with Windows Live Writer, it's able to retrieve all of the posts (probably over a hundred). When I point to the ATOM feed for the blog at http://www.blogger.com/feeds/7916832134968916231/posts/default, I only get the first 25. Does anyone know how I can retrieve all of the posts?


Log in to you blogger dashboard at blogger.com and then export all your posts.

You can import posts and comments from a previously exported Blogger blog, export this blog, or permanently delete it.

Go in the Setting tab. There's an option there named Export blog.

Selecting this option you'll be presented with this message:

Export your blog into the Blogger Atom export format. You can do this to move your blog to another blogging service or simply to store your blog on your own hard drive.

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  • Thanks for the tip. I hadn't even noticed the export option. I was able to migrate 240 posts! – Jim Lamb Aug 7 '10 at 2:30

You can use the 'max-results' query parameter to specify the number of results you wish to see:


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  • Thanks. also works on blogs which I don't own myself. – P_95 Jun 24 '15 at 14:20
  • Please note that some feed providers have a limit on feeds size. Feedburner - for example - has a limit around 500-550 KB's so keep that also in mind before giving this parameter as the limit neglects your max-results parameter if reached – Mouneer Apr 8 '16 at 11:39

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