I want to create XAP/APPX File which run on windows phone and I have a developer account. My current application developed in 8.0 but

  1. Windows phone 8.0 does not have option for

    (i) Store - > Create app package (Which is available in 8.1)

  2. With the ‘Re-targeted to windows 8.1 ‘ option it crate ‘windows phone silverlight 8.1’ After clicking store option it show error for "In Order to run windows app certification kit, your project build configuration must be release and the platform must be ARM or Neutral" , as per error we change in project but still it show same error

enter image description here

  • what i want to do is, I want to create xap/Appx file which will run on locked device as well. By clicking on Store -> install from local/ sd card.

  • Please suggest me proper way to build an xap/appx file, any signing certificate is needed then please let me know.

  • Same issue here... Did you resolve it?
    – BlackBox
    Commented Aug 5, 2016 at 17:01


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