I am running an ansible-playbook which have many tasks listed. All of them use to get run one by one, but I want to pause the playbook after a particular tasks to asks the user if he wants to continue running the rest of the tasks or exit. I have seen the pause module of ansible but couldn't see any example which asks users for yes or no which in turn continue or exit the ansible-playbook accordingly.

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The pause module actually does exactly that. But it does not give you an option to answer yes or no. Instead it expects the user to press Ctrl+C and then a for abort. To continue the user simply needs to press Enter.

Since this is not perfectly obvious to the user you can describe it in the prompt parameter.

- name: Exterminate mankind
  pause: prompt='Please confirm you want to exterminate mankind! Press return to continue. Press Ctrl+c and then "a" to abort'

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