In Foundation 6 docs:

Since the typical default browser font size is 16 pixels, that makes the calculation for grid size. If you want your base font size to be different and not have it affect the grid breakpoints, set $rem-base to $global-font-size and make sure $global-font-size is a pixel value.

I do as it is written and my grid with 12 columns has 1050 instead of 1200px. Is this a problem with rem-calc()? This can be somehow fixed or bypassed?

It is not a duplicate, no response from similar topics aren't helpful.


Strange: function rem-calc() is in _unit.scss file and takes default $rem-base value, but not that defined by me. Just in _settings.scss move $global-font-size and $rem-base before @import 'util/util';.

Stupid bug wasted few days :P

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