I'm using database projects in Visual Studio 2015. I've noticed that if I remove a sproc from the project and then generate a publish script there is nothing in the script that will dump the old sproc. However, if I remove a sproc and use schema compare/update the sproc will be dumped.

Can anyone help me understand this behavior? I want to generate a publish script to review the changes which are about to be made before publishing them so I like to generate a script. However I don't want to have to both do a schema compare/update and publish every time I'm pushing changes out.

Thank you.

  • At a guess you are not comparing to the correct database, can you give more information about your process please? – Ed Elliott Dec 15 '15 at 23:21

Sounds like you need to enable "Drop objects in target but not in source" in the Publish settings.

enter image description here

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