I have two excel documents excel1.xls and excel2.xlsm. Where I read the data from excel1 and write it to excel2 using Apache API. In excel2 file, some cells have the formulas to auto update.

Problem: When the excel2 file is last opened/saved with Microsoft Excel 2007, everything works fine. But, when its last opened/saved with 2013 version, the auto update cell doesn't work anymore. All the computers at work are now moved to Office 2013, So I can't use Excel 2007 anymore.

I have already checked/set the setting Formulas - > Calculations Options -> Automatic in Excel

I also tried to use evaluateFormulaCell() and evaluateAllFormulaCells()methods in the program, doesn't update anything.

I am not sure, whether the excel has some kind of security, which is stopping to auto update?

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    Can't reproduce your problem with poi 3.13 even without evaluation. I'd recommend check your macros. Also please provide some examples (code, source file) to reproduce the problem. – dlopatin Dec 16 '15 at 13:50
  • The formula's are auto update, so macro's are not involved in it. I do have macros in that file for other tasks. – Vijay Vennapusa Dec 16 '15 at 14:05

This method worked for me, before I only used to call this method at the end, but now I called it every time I set a single cell and it worked.


You might be able to re-save the excel files in 2007 format. This could solve it.

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