Is there a way, using Apple's built-in iOS barcode API, to scan the last 5 digits of an add-on barcode?

If not, is there a free SDK solution out that that is known to work well and has stayed up to date with the latest iOS versions? ZBar works but is WAY outdated.

See the comic book example here:

enter image description here


Tried about 10 different online barcode detectors, and neither of them can decode that barcode.

enter image description here

Seems this barcode has some special format which is not supported with current barcode readers...

  • Scandit works on the code but it's a high-cost SDK. Just tried it myself and it works fine. It's a UPC-A 5-digit add-on and must be scanned with the initial 12-digit code. It's generally not used as a standalone barcode. It's very common on comic books and magazines to get pricing information, cover variations, printings, etc. – Ethan Allen Jul 6 '18 at 19:39

If your having trouble with Apples Barcode API i suggest trying MLKit from Firebase i am able to scan and get OCR from image with few lines of code. https://firebase.google.com/docs/ml-kit/ios/read-barcodes

  • It looks like this is a good free choice for additional barcode types, but UPC-A +5 and +2 don't appear to be listed. I've sent them an e-mail asking to add those barcode types to ML Kit. – Ethan Allen Jul 12 '18 at 4:13

I tried https://github.com/hyperoslo/BarcodeScanner. It is okay with the swift 4.1. Also, It is reading the larger barcode under the direct sales label on left but not the smaller on the right with 00113 label above it. Can you please confirm that these barcodes are valid? As the application from this wrapper is working on other barcodes.

  • Yes, the barcodes are valid. Search Google Images for "comic book barcode" to get many examples. As I said in the post, old versions of ZBar work, but because the Objective-C code hasn't been updates in years, it's starting to become incompatible and crashing. – Ethan Allen Jul 11 '18 at 2:34

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