I am rewriting communication bottleneck. I need to send sub-arrays of 3d numpy arrays. But passing the sub-array directly to MPI.Send() fails with:

ValueError: ndarray is not contiguous

Creating new datatype by MPI.Datatype.Create_vector does not help - it fails from the same reason.

Simplified example:

a = numpy.zeros([9,9])
sub = a[3:5, 3:5]

rank = comm.Get_rank()

t = MPI.DOUBLE.Create_vector(2, 2, 9)

if rank == 0:
    sub.flat[:] = range(1,9)
    comm.Send([sub, t], dest=1)
    comm.Recv([sub, t], source=0)

In actual code I use asynchronous sends/receives. Currently I solve it by copying the sub-array to temporary array with contiguous memory layout.

Problem is that the buffers tend to be pretty large and it eats all the memory and available swap.

I think that creating strided datatype is a way to go, but as I do not have access to the original array with contiguous memory I cannot create the strided buffer.

Also using the lower case version of send/recv is not an option, because as I said I need speed and the data are big.

Currently only idea I have is to create C module extension, where I do all the pointer calculation and return back numpy array with access to the contiguous memory segment containing my sub-array.

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