I'm selecting html elements

var elements = $('*[my-elem="false"]');

since each element has attribute id with some value I want inside iteration to get id of currently iterated element, so I tried

$.each(elements, function(index, item){
    var itemId = item.attr("id").val();        

but I'm getting following error

TypeError: item.attr is not a function

Try console.log(item). You should see that it's a regular HTML element -- not a jQuery object.

Note that .val() refers specifically to the value attribute of an element.

Both of those in mind, if your goal is to get the ID, you can use item.id, this.id, or $(item).attr("id").

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.attr is a jQuery method, so you need to use your element as if it were a jQuery selector. Also, you don't need .val for .attr('id'), so this should work

var itemId = $(item).attr("id");

it is as simple as

var itemId = item.id;

item is a DOM element, attr is a jQuery function, so you just have to wrap it in the jQuery notation var itemId = $(item).attr('id').val();


You are using the wrong version of each when looping over DOM elements. Use this one. (https://api.jquery.com/each/)

  var itemId = $(this).attr('id').val();


var elements = $('selector');
elements.each(function() {
var itemId = this.id; 

will also work

  • You mean this.id, right? Could you please edit in an explanation of why this code answers the question? Code-only answers are discouraged, because they don't teach the solution. – Nathan Tuggy Dec 18 '15 at 3:05

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