In earlier version of Microsoft Visual Studio products if user in text editor hit CTRL+W editor will do select the word where is pointer. Does that keyboard shortcut exists still in Visual Studio 2010?

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    I Visual Studio 2017 Community ed. it is (again?) Ctrl+W. I strongly believe it is by default. (At least, I did not set it.) – pepr Oct 24 '18 at 9:39

In Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard enter "Word" into "Show commands containing" and see all commands associated with words.

Here the command Edit.SelectCurrentWord is assigned to Ctrl + W, but your setup might be different.


When using Resharper 'Shift + Ctrl + W' shortcut may be overriden and not working. Create new shortcut for Edit.SelectCurrentWord as 'Ctrl + W, Ctrl + W'. It works fine so you may use this and resharper shortcuts.

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