My input is a jsonObject skeleton from a kinect stream. The goal is to measure the angle of the skeleton on the xz plane, and rotate the whole skeleton on the y axis so that no matter the stance, it is always "facing" the camera I have a function that calculates the angle of the person by the hips coordinates Like this:

 function GetHipRotation(skeleton)
   var   leftHip = skeleton.Joints[SkeletonJointEnum.HipLeft];
   var   rightHip = skeleton.Joints[SkeletonJointEnum.HipRight];
    var zL=leftHip.Position.Z;
        var zR=rightHip.Position.Z;
        var D=zR-zL;
        var W=rightHip.Position.X-leftHip.Position.X ; 
        return Math.atan(D/W);       

and a function to create a quaternion and rotate the skeleton on this angle :

function RotateSkeleton(skeleton)

var rot_angle=usrAngle=GetHipRotation(skeleton);
for (var i = 0; i < skeleton.Joints.length; i++) {
    //create vector R, the axis of rotation (y-axis in our case)
    var R= new THREE.Vector3 (0, 1, 0); //THIS IS THE Y AXIS//      
    //Create my quaternion and do the rotation using R axis and the Angle 
     var skelquat = new THREE.Quaternion();
    skelquat.setFromAxisAngle( R, rot_angle ); // INANGLE HERE
    jointVector3=new THREE.Vector3(0,0,0);

Then I try to draw it and here everything goes wrong..

    context2.arc(parseFloat(rotX) * 200 + 300 , parseFloat(rotY) * -200 + 200, 4, 0, Math.PI * 2, true);
    //draw joint number over the joint
    context2.strokeText(i,parseFloat(rotX) * 200 + 300 , parseFloat(rotY) * -200 + 200,200);

    if(skeleton.Joints[i].TrackingState === 2)
        context2.fillStyle = "#cc0066";
        context2.fillStyle = "#ff9900";             

The skeleton doesnt seems to be responding accordingly. I would expect minimal "revolving" action but still, when I input a rotating man, it still appears rotating instead of "autocorrecting" the position, even when I put in a constant angle of rotation.Any ideas?


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