I have developpe some Rest web service documented by swagger, using swagger-springmvc annotions. Now, I want to use swagger-editor to generate client side Rest web service code, but swagger-editor require Yaml or Json file. Do you know if there is a way to generate this file ? Thanks at advance

EDIT : It's can be done by using swagger-mvn-plugin , but I don't found an example on how to do it ?


I reply to my self :) . You can generate client and server side documentation (yaml, json and html) by using swagger-maven-plugin

Add this to your pom.xml:

                                <title>Your API name</title>
                                <description> description of your API</description>
                                    <name>Your Name</name>
                            <!-- Support classpath or file absolute path here.
                            1) classpath e.g: "classpath:/markdown.hbs", "classpath:/templates/hello.html"
                            2) file e.g: "${basedir}/src/main/resources/markdown.hbs",
                                "${basedir}/src/main/resources/template/hello.html" -->
            </plugin> ........

You can download *.hbs template at this address: https://github.com/kongchen/swagger-maven-example

Execute mvn swagger:generate Json documentation will be generated at your project /generated/swagger/ directory. Past it on this address : http://editor.swagger.io

And generate what ever you want (Server side or Client side API in your preferred technology)

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