I'm attempting to construct an Uber link that will direct user from mobile web app to Uber (app or mobile website) with prepopulated drop off and pick up data. Following this uber instructions for mobile web "deep linking", I got this link (appended to <a> element):

<a class="uber_butt" href="https://m.uber.com/sign-up?client_id=44oPVzp.....knAb_-0fI75&pickup_latitude=37.5&pickup_longitude=-122&pickup_nickname=My+location&dropoff_latitude=37.366209&dropoff_longitude=-121.976619&dropoff_nickname=Sibca+Square">
    <div class="icon uber_icon"></div>

Now when I tap on this element from iphone's safari or chrome it redirects me instantly to Uber in appstore or to uber.com and then to appstore. Uber app is installed. So what am I doing wrong?

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    @casillas thanks for edit! – Max Yari Dec 18 '15 at 9:57

Maybe that's my lack of knowledge and everybody knows this already but deep links to Uber app (and other apps in general I suppose) actually is working from mobile browser! Atleast on latest ios.

Regarding link to mobile Uber website it was not working for me and was redirecting to app store or giving me a message that I cant access mobile page and need to install app or send a message to support (if I get rid of sign-up in the link), so it seems to be broken, for me atleast.

Ater all I just constructed link in the format uber://?action=setPickup&pickup=my_location... - you can read details here - and now on click popup appears asking if user wants to open up Uber. Pickup/dropoff data is passed to Uber app just fine.

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  • And also, if you are using Angular and ng-href - note that you can't use most of non standart links (like uber: and some more common as sms: if i recall this right) as angular will ecape them as unsafe. This question will help you to fix it. – Max Yari Dec 24 '15 at 15:14

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