I like running a specific set of tests from Visual Studio filtering them by traits. For example:

Traits on Visual Studio

My concern is how I provide trait-based filters to vstest.console?

Actually I'm trying to improve a continous integration build using the new scriptable build system on Team Foundation Server 2015 and I'd like to separate test steps based on the software layer or tier (and obviously I've organized my tests by traits using [TestCategory] attribute).


After some trial-errors, the answer is yes, it's possible to provide test filters to vstest.console.

You need to use /TestCaseFilter command-line switch. For example, in my case I provided /TestCaseFilter:"TestCategory=rest"

It's explained on this MSDN article where it states:

Run tests that match the given expression. is of the format =[|]. Example: /TestCaseFilter:"Priority=1" Example: /TestCaseFilter:"TestCategory=Nightly|FullyQualifiedName=Namespace.ClassName.MethodName"

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