I want to install Visual Studio Community edition. I currently have Visual Studio 2015 Express installed, but I do not have enough space on my computer to keep both.

So, I wanted to uninstall Visual Studio 2015 Express. I opened Control Panel, found Visual Studio, clicked to uninstall it, nothing happened. Visual Studio got out of the list and it did not even uninstall. It still inside my computer.

I opened IOBit Uninstaller, found Visual Studio, did the same thing and nothing happened. It does not uninstall.

I thought downloading its setup file and uninstalling it from there would be great, so I did it. When I opened the setup file, an error came up saying that (approx.) "One or more specific components were not found.".

There is a Package Cache folder on my computer and I always remove it to get enough free space. It seems like that the uninstaller was there. I cleaned the registry using CCleaner and finally opened the setup file. It did not show any uninstallation option. I chose install and it installed Update 1. I wanted to uninstall it after installation, same thing happened, it did not uninstall. I opened the setup file and uninstalled it, it was still there after uninstallation was complete. Everything was mixed, I tried force uninstall and it did not work.

I used these methods:

  • IOBit Uninstaller option
  • CMD option
  • The Visual Studio uninstaller on GitHub
  • Its setup file
  • Package Cache files
  • Registry editing, registry cleaning.

None worked! How can I uninstall Visual Studio Express 2015?

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    This is not really a programming question, but download Revo Uninstaller and that will get rid of it. – maxshuty Dec 18 '15 at 14:11
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Control Panel is enough. Have you tried a simple reboot? Sometimes if you close the program, some process run anyway.

  • Reboot Windows
  • Don't start nothing
  • Try to uninstall
  • I tried that too :) – Sultanlı Əlif Dec 18 '15 at 14:26
  • @SultanlıƏlif Safe Mode uninstall? – Fᴀʀʜᴀɴ Aɴᴀᴍ Dec 18 '15 at 14:27
  • I did not try that one. I will try this ^ – Sultanlı Əlif Dec 18 '15 at 14:27
  • This method worked. Thanks for helping! – Sultanlı Əlif Dec 18 '15 at 14:38
  • 1
    @SultanlıƏlif Hey that was another person.. me... Fᴀʀʜᴀɴ Aɴᴀᴍ.. My answer below :0 – Fᴀʀʜᴀɴ Aɴᴀᴍ Dec 18 '15 at 14:45

Try uninstalling in Safe Mode.

For more info on booting in safe mode:

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