I use Datadatables in server-side mode. For the date my server return a JSON DATE mode for example:


How can I format the DataTables localization automatically format of the language of the browser?

Thank you


Assuming this "2015-12-18T17:04:27Z" is the value returned from the server, here is my take on it.

new Date("2015-12-18T17:04:27Z").toLocaleDateString() // =>"12/18/2015"
new Date("2015-12-18T17:04:27Z").toLocaleString() // => "12/18/2015, 12:04:27 PM"

There are a number of methods you could use to format it how you like here.

Note: The comments are the outputs determined by my Locale, yours may differ

  • That you! Now I need to understand how integrate it in datatables plugin. – Daniele Grillo Dec 19 '15 at 2:09

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