I have an Immutable.Map with a couple of key value pairs.

Object {1: -200, 2: 13540}

    items={this.props.items.get(key) || 0}

The key may or may not exist in the map. In the case that it doesn't exist I just want to pass in zero to the component. It is a required props.

Is the conditional in there safe? What is a better approach if it's not safe?


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A conditional is safe, but the way you have is ambiguous - you are likely going to get the result of the boolean expression, not the actual value.

I would do it like this to be explicit:

let val = this.props.items.get(key);
items={val ? val : 0}

This explicitly returns either val or 0, rather than the result of the boolean expression val || 0.

  • This is a codesmell(meaning something else is wrong and this is only a symptom.) Yes initialize in the case of undefined, but this doesn't cover all edge cases and you probably should solve this in the store/source of truth. Oct 20, 2016 at 16:37

Your code looks like it's not going to compile just yet without some heavy modification, but yes you can certainly be doing that sort of thing.

The key is that Immutable.js does not throw an error on a missing key but returns the JS value undefined which is falsy, so undefined || 0 evaluates to 0 via the very-type-lax "if this first thing is truthy, return whatever it is, otherwise return whatever that second thing" behavior of ||.

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