I need to remove all values in my first array if they are not found in the second Array. However, I cannot find a command for it online in C#; although I have found it for other languages.

Here is my first array:

string[] EmailList = (from user in db.Users join subscribor in Subscribors on user.UserId equals subscribor orderby user.FirstName select user.EmailAddress).ToArray();

and my second array:

string[] TechList = (from user in db.Users join tech in techs on user.UserId equals tech select user.EmailAddress).ToArray();

and this is the code that I tried:

EmailList = EmailList.Intersect(TechList);

I did try a few other variants of intersect but nothing works. On this line of code I am getting the following error:

cannot emplicitly converty type 'system.collections.generic.IEnumerable to string[]


Your code

EmailList = EmailList.Intersect(TechList);

is otherwise fine but the Intersect returns IEnumerable, and your EmailList is of type string[]. You can convert the IEnumerable to string[] like this

EmailList = EmailList.Intersect(TechList).ToArray();

EmailList.Intersect(TechList) doesn't return a string[]; it returns a System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable, like it's telling you. Try adding a .ToArray(), like so:

EmailList = EmailList.Intersect(TechList).ToArray();

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