About a month ago I built this web scraper using Async / Await as a async way of collecting info for a web scraper. I'm trying to build that very same scraper again using Rx.js. I've read through the docs and it seems to make sense, starting off is the hardest bit, but after that hump I made some progress.

You can see here that I get the first page on the site (page 0) and I need to use that page to get the count of pages (which is around 6000). I have that count and using the getPageURI(page) I can create each page URL, however my issue is that I can't figure out how to trigger, or fire, or pipe information back to the original pageRequestStream. I have this page count number and I need a way to iterate over it pushing data back to the first original pageRequestStream stream.

import cheerio from 'cheerio'
import Rx from 'rx'
import fetch from 'isomorphic-fetch'

const DIGITAL_NYC_URI = 'http://www.digital.nyc'
let getPageURI = (page) => `${DIGITAL_NYC_URI}/startups?page=${page}`
let getProfileURI = (profile) => `${DIGITAL_NYC_URI}${profile}`

function fetchURL(stream, dataType = 'json') {
  return stream.flatMap(requestURL => {
    return Rx.Observable.fromPromise(fetch(requestURL).then(res => res[dataType]()))

function getNumberOfPages($) {
  let summary = $('.result-summary').text()
  let match = summary.match(/Showing 1 - 20 of (\d+) Startups/)
  return parseInt(match[1], 10)

function getCompaniesOnPage ($) {
  let companySelector = 'h3.node-title a'
  let companies = $(companySelector).map(function (i, el) {
    let name = $(this).text()
    let profile = $(this).attr('href')
    return {
      'name': name,
      'profile': profile
  return companies

let pageRequestStream = Rx.Observable.just(getPageURI(0))

let pageResponseStream = fetchURL(pageRequestStream, 'text')

let parsedPageHTMLStream = pageResponseStream.map(html => cheerio.load(html))

let numberOfPagesStream = parsedPageHTMLStream.map(html => getNumberOfPages(html))

// not sure how to get this to iterate over count and fire url's into pageRequestStream
numberOfPagesStream.subscribe(pageCount => console.log(pageCount))

let companiesOnPageStream = parsedPageHTMLStream.flatMap(html => getCompaniesOnPage(html))

// not sure how to build up the company object to include async value company.profileHTML
companiesOnPageStream.subscribe(companies => console.log(companies))

// let companyProfileStream = companiesOnPageStream.map((company) => {
//   return fetch(getProfileURI(company.profile))
//     .then(res => res.html())
//     .then(html => {
//       company.profileHTML = html
//       return company
//     })
// })

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Have a look at subjects, they allow you to fire events as you go.

Maybe this can serve as some inspiration

import cheerio from 'cheerio';
import Rx from 'rx';
import fetch from 'isomorphic-fetch';

function getCheerio(url) {
  var promise = fetch(url)
        .then(response => response.text())
        .then(body => cheerio.load(body));
  return Rx.Observable.fromPromise(promise);

const DIGITAL_NYC_URI = 'http://www.digital.nyc';

var pageRequest = new Rx.Subject();

  .flatMap(pageUrl => getCheerio(pageUrl))
  .flatMap(page$ => {
    // here we pipe back urls into our original observable.
    var nextPageUrl = page$('ul.pagination li.arrow a').attr('href');
    if(nextPageUrl) pageRequest.onNext(DIGITAL_NYC_URI + '/' + nextPageUrl);

    var profileUrls = page$('h3.node-title a')
          .map(function() {
            var url = page$(this).attr('href');
            return DIGITAL_NYC_URI + '/' + url;
    return Rx.Observable.from(profileUrls);
  .flatMap(url => getCheerio(url))
  .map(profile$ => {
    // build the company profile here
    return profile$('title').text();
  .subscribe(value => console.log('profile ',  value));

pageRequest.onNext(DIGITAL_NYC_URI + '/startups');

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