I am using Postgresql database and I am having a column invoicehead. What I do is as follows:

SELECT * FROM invoicehead WHERE (invamt-collection_amt >= 0)

invamt type = double precision
collection_amt type = double precision

invamt is having values 100.00, 500.00, 300.00,-250.00 and collection_amt having values all null

So when I do invamt-collection_amt >= 0 it will be double precision with value - null.

I am not getting any values as query result.

How can make query in such a way that if null should take the effect of zero?

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You can add second condition:

FROM invoicehead 
WHERE invamt-collection_amt >= 0 
   OR (invamt-collection_amt) IS NULL

Alternatively you can change NULL with 0 using COALESCE:

FROM invoicehead 
WHERE COALESCE(invamt,0) - COALESCE(collection_amt,0) >= 0 

NULL value cannot be directly compared with other values using comparison operators like =,<>,<,>, <=,>=,...


Use COALESCE or IF condition

FROM invoicehead 
WHERE (COALESCE(invamt,0) - COALESCE(collection_amt,0)) >= 0 


FROM invoicehead 
WHERE (IF(invamt IS NOT NULL, invamt ,0) - IF(collection_amt IS NOT NULL, collection_amt,0)) >= 0 

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