I'm working on an Android app and need to email to various users. Currently I have an 'EditText' which is configured as:


Once a button is pressed an email is sent to the address specified in this field. But I would to create a multi address input list. Is there a way to do it without change the 'EditText' to multiple lines and parsing the string myself?

Googled it but could not find a solution. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


There is a lines and minLines attribute in EditText. Example would be:

     android:inputType="textEmailAddress" <!-- email address -->
     android:lines="8" <!-- Total Lines prior display -->
     android:minLines="6" <!-- Minimum lines -->

See this answer for further details.

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    Thank you! Never thought of using the lines option. – David Faiz Dec 19 '15 at 14:00

You may use a separator to separate the emails: first_email@gmail.com, second_email@gmail.com and so on. In your code call split() method to get an array of emails from this long line.

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