I successfully wrote the traineddata file for a new tesseract language, but when I was finished, I continue to get the following error:

index >= 0 && index < size_used_:Error:Assert failed:in file ../ccutil/genericvector.h, line 657

However, this even happens when I run tesseract on an image I trained with! I am confused as to what is going on, as I would expect that the error should not occur if I run tesseract on the training set.


That error indicates your training failed => you overlooked some error message during training.


This error is being caused to the lack of a lang.shapetable file in your lang.traineddata file.

Make sure that you generate the shapetable:

shapeclustering -F font_properties -U unicharset lang.font.exp0.box.tr

This will create a file named shapetable. You will need to rename this to lang.shapetable before you can combine everything:

combine_tessdata lang.

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