I'm very happy with the output from SandCastle, but I would also like to have some search functionality included in the HTML output, is this possible?

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The Website output from SandCastle Help File Builder contains index.aspx and index.html.

If you display index.html then you don't get the search or index options: http://www.ewoodruff.us/shfbdocs/index.html

If you display index.aspx then you do get the search and index options: http://www.ewoodruff.us/shfbdocs/index.aspx

  • The woodruff site has been updated since this I posted this answer and so the links above are no longer good examples showing when search/index functionality is and is not available. May 20, 2014 at 15:16
  • Nice! A new version of sandcastle (released 4/22/2014) which has search built into index.html and only requires javascript. :-)
    – Brett
    Jun 2, 2014 at 21:02

According the the site it is, but I have not looked at how to configure it:

The website output contains an HTML and an ASP.NET index page with tree view that can be used to navigate the table of contents and a full-text index search feature.

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