I'm just prototyping an idea of mine for which I must be able to connect to multiple databases (of multiple types) using Django. I'm aware that it's possible to define several db in settings.py and that we can specify which database a manager should use by using using('db_name'), but unfortunately I can't hard-code my multiple databases in the settings file, since they are dynamic (I mean I don't know at "compile time" which and how many external database I will use). The problem is similar to this one, already asked and answered here: Django: dynamic database file

...but, the accepted answer is IMO just an hack, and I have several concerns about the reliability and security of a similar approach. So my question is: is there a clean and safe way to establish a database connection dynamically via a somewhat lower level API (like in SQLAlchemy's create_engine('db_url'))? If not is it possible to integrate SQLAlchemy in Django (in a reliable and fully working way)?

ps. another thing I would like to avoid is to have to specify for each ORM action which db to use with using(), instead I like the idea of SQLAlchemy's transaction or alternatively a context processor for which I can write something like:

with active_db('some_db') as db:
    # do ORM operations...
  • what database do you use? mysql? postgre? – liuyix Dec 21 '15 at 14:49
  • as I wrote I don't use a single type of db, I could have N remote postgres dbs + N remote oracle dbs + N mysql dbs or none of them – daveoncode Dec 21 '15 at 14:54

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